Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Love It So Much I Am Giving It Away!!

I have always wanted beautiful thick eye lashes. I wanted Hollywood glamour lashes. In 8th grade, I thought I could cut my lashes off to create a doe eyed look (don't do this EVER!). I have purchased every mascara under the sun, from the cheap to the expensive.  Some are better than others; however none have given me the sexy eyes I wanted.  I tried fake lashes. That was a mess and all I accomplished was gluing the lashes to my eye lid not anywhere near my actual lashes. For the safety of my face I made peace with the best I could get from Covergirl.  

My lashes have thinned out more over the years due to my PCOS.  Again, I learned to make peace and accept me for me.  I'm never going to have long thick hair or thick glamour lashes. OK. The list of everything I do have is a hell of a lot longer.  I am at peace. There is a saying; "It is when you stop looking that you find it." How true!

My trusted friend, confidant, and hair stylist gave me a gift that rocked my world. She put in my hands a black box and said, "Try this you will love it!" Little did I know in that moment my face would be forever changed. She handed me Younique 3D Lash Fibers and I have been transformed!

Melissa's eyes

I was blown away with the results. Floored in fact! I am not the only person transformed by this product. Check out Youtube for reviews and how to use (super easy).  No wonder Melissa is known as the Vegas Lash Lady

My eyes!

I look in the mirror now and even stare for an extra second because my reflections make me proud; I embrace this moment!  Younique's 3D Lash Fibers have given me a few more extra stares at myself.  The old Hollywood glam I love is now in my make-up case.  My new favorite quick look is BB cream, 3D lash fibers, and some lip gloss.  I don't bother with eye liner anymore; my lashes stand out on their own now.  

The best part is I am giving away the 3D lash fibers!! 
Not just giving away a box. No. I'm giving away a year’s supply!!! 
You read that correct; a YEAR’S SUPPLY!!!
 I Know!!! We're talking a $150 prize!! 

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 This is my biggest give away yet!! Don't miss out on your chance to take home a years supply of my new favorite make-up find! 

Check out how great this product and company is! I know you'll love them!