Friday, February 28, 2014

My Superhero Power is Running

My 9 year old's handy work
Why do I run?

This is a question I get asked frequently.  I had someone ask me and, before I could answer, they went into a list of reasons why they felt running was unhealthy for the body. I let them talk. Then it was my turn. 

     I run because I can. I run because I was always picked last in P.E. I run because I never made the mile time in high school and the coaches were asses about it. I run because every time I tried in the past it just seemed too hard. I run because I smoked for 10 years.  I didn't wake up one day with the ability to do what I can do now.  I have been conditioning and strengthening for almost a year now.  Every week I do a little more and push a bit harder. 
     I run because the little fat girl in me always wanted to be a bad ass. I am a bad ass now. I will push out of my comfort zone because I can. I am determined to be the best me I can be and for me being a runner means I have changed the health of my body inside and out.  Running is my middle finger to those who thought I would never transform myself, my body, and my life (that includes my past self!).  

People are going to have their opinions what they think someone should do as far as diet and exercise.  When something has worked for us personally we want to pass along the wisdom. We must try, however, to leave out the judgement of what someone else is doing. I wholeheartedly believe that a person needs to choose what works best for them.  Their body, their choice.  There are so many different options; we're not all going to following the same way of thinking.  I can live my life with the diet and exercise routine I have chosen. It may not be for everyone, I'm not doing on behalf of everyone, I am doing what I do for me. For me. The only person I have to answer too. 

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  1. This is very very inspiring to me as I work to be a runner. I was also one of the fat kids, always chosen last in PE, was never ever able to run. Then I started and my mother and ex husband made it impossible for me to continue. Now, 3 years after my divorce, happily remarried to the most amazing man, and in spite of celiac/severe asthma/allergies to the whole world, I WILL run. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!