Friday, July 18, 2014

The PCOS Entries

I have written about my struggles with PCOS.  There are many new readers to my blog motivating me to compile what I have written into one blog. Older writing tend to get lost. For those of you that have PCOS or know someone who does, please know you are not alone!

The following tell my story with PCOS. Starting with admitting openly on my blog that I have it.

There's Two Sides to Every Story. Here is My Second Side. 

"I have only told one side to my weight/health story. I did not think I would need to share the other half. The other half that is embarrassing, extremely personal, and not what I want to be known for. I have reached a crossroad within my blog and realize that it is time to share the whole truth. As always, I am open, honest, and tend to over share." Click here to read this blog.

My Battle with Addiction
(this blog talks about sugar. If you have not read about my battle with sugar craving please click here.) 

"The past two months have been a journey of self love.  I had to step outside myself and treat myself like a dear friend who had lost her way. This is when I started to educate myself on PCOS. I was motivated by my hair loss, I wanted to put a stop to it and maybe throw it in reverse.  The information I was obtaining was overwhelming and started to explain the battles I have been fighting with my body." Click here to read this blog. 

My Hair Loss Exposed

"I am open about my hair loss due to PCOS. I used to have thick curly hair. I now have about a quarter of what I used to have. I tried to make my long hair last as long as I could but one day, I just could not look at the hair in my hands any more. I called my hair stylist, a trusted friend, who worked her magic and gave me my signature pixie cut. " Click here to read this blog. 

Remnants  of a Binge

"While I was poking around in my glove box I came across an old candy wrapper.  I sat holding it, having flashes of the me up until 3months ago. The sugar binger. The sugar hider. The sugar sneaker.  I would eat my candy in my car, usually within minutes of leaving the store.  I ate it quickly and I ate it all. A fleeting moment of bliss and then the guilt would beat down on me like a hammer." Click here to read this blog.

If you or someone you know has PCOS, please let them know they are not alone! 1 in 7 women has PCOS. It's time to start talking with each other!

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