Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Simply Extraordinary Photo Project: Jacie

Seen Through My Eyes: A Body Positive Photography Project

Beauty is not based on size, shape, measurements, or specific facial structures. Beauty is how we see the world around us; it is how we choose to see those around us. When we see this beauty, we can begin to recognize the beauty within ourselves. Through my camera I hope to inspire moments of feeling beautiful. I hope to capture soulful smiles and heartfelt giggles. I hope to capture confidence, apprehension, strength, weakness, sexiness, modesty, poise, and unruliness. I hope to capture the beauty of the woman in front of me, in all her unique glory. 

Simply Extraordinary Photo Project is my way of giving back to those around me. I treat each portrait as art without the use of Photoshop to change my model. Our bodies are gloriously beautiful as they are, no editing needed. 

Meet Jacie. She is a friend I made at the gym. Jacie and I met at a local coffee shop before the photo shoot so we could spend a few minutes getting to know each other better. I sat across from an incredibly strong woman. A woman who has things to do for those around her that only she can do. Jacie radiates patience. She has a fantastic laugh.  

I had a blast shooting Jacie at a local park. I watched her blossom in front of my lense. Jacie told me after the shoot she was thankful she didn't cancel on me; she had fun working with me. Soon into the shoot she forgot to think about her bra strap or her pose and she just let herself be for an hour. We had talked about how she hides in pictures or is taking them. She explained how a full body shot made her uncomfortable but that she was willing to let me do it. It is clear to see that Jacie oozes confidence in her shots and she is not hiding behind anything. 

I enjoyed every minute of working with Jacie. Her photos are gorgeous, they just pop!    

Thank you Jacie for participating in my photo project! You radiate confidence and strength. In your empowered moment you will set other women free from hiding in or from pictures. Thank you for trusting me to photograph you with love and care. 

If you are in the Las Vegas area and would like to participate in Simply Extraordinary please contact me via email at Let me treat you like a model for an hour! 

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