Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Open Your Purse and Empty Out Your Self Esteem

No expression lines, no freckles, nothing....

     The latest issue of “Shape Magazine” arrived in my mailbox, and before chucking it the recycling bin I flipped through it. There is no doubt in my mind why I spent years hating my body; all I saw was Photoshopped flawless beauty. Ad after ad. Article after article. Nothing but airbrushed perfection.  No expression lines on anyone. Not a freckle to be seen.  Not a stretch mark in the entire issue.  This flawless species must be kept in air tight containers somewhere because I do not know a single human being that is flawless! 

     As a consumer, I have the power to keep these Photoshopped lies out of my house. I will not open my purse for a self esteem crushing magazines that only tells me I am fat, wrinkly, and should have sex on my brain.  “Shape” arrives at my house from a free subscription I signed up to receive. It was not until after the first issue arrived that I really started to get offended by all the "perfect" women filling the pages - these flawless, sex driven women that I am supposed to be like and if I am not then I am shunned to the ugly  corner.  Enough already! 
Buy our product; look unreal

      I vow to no longer waste my time on lies and b.s. that's only purpose is to make me feel bad and buy whatever product is being advertised. Here - smear these chemicals all over you face, it will melt the wrinkle off forever. Or, here - take this pill and watch your body shrink to a rock hard toned babe with zero freckles, stretch marks, or cellulite.  Meanwhile readers feel like crap and companies are raking in the money from low self esteem and body image issues. Sickening! 

     Companies want our money. We have the power to make these Photoshopped ads disappear and/or be labeled. Did you know that Israel is the first country in the world to require all Photoshopped images to be labeled that they have been altered? If a company fails to label the image they will be heavily fined.  Think of an ad of a perfect young girl in a bikini. These images made me hate my body as a teenager. Now picture the same ad with an easy to notice label that reads: 'This image has been altered by Photoshop'. Now how do you feel? Not so crappy? 

Flawless faces and bodies. We're not stupid! 

     I will never be a super model and neither will anyone else. There is no such person. I like reality; there is a lot less pressure realizing no one has a blemish free body. I am done playing dumb to a culture that assumes I don't know models and actresses are being Photoshopped.  I will not allow these fantasy images to influence the acceptance of my body.  I am human, I am normal, and my body is healthy and strong.  I choose to love myself, to value myself, and to cherish my body.  I will now be removing the "sucker" sticker off my forehead. No one can make me feel bad about myself anymore. 

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