Saturday, June 21, 2014

Run It Forward

      Carol Sue and I met in a class at the local community college. Years ago. We clicked instantly, they way you know that this person is truly a friend.  We enjoyed getting to know each other and had it not been for Facebook, we may have drifted apart as life went on. Facebook has kept this incredible woman in my life.  We have watched each others lives unfold, always keeping in touch.  She and her husband where even guests at my wedding. She has seen my transformation both physical and mental. Carol Sue is someone I know I will have in my life regardless of where we end up.  So when she asked me to run her first 5k with her, there was no way I was saying no.  

       This 5k was on an up and down track, starting out uphill. We ran side by side. We never stopped.  We even exchanged a few stories and giggles.  I am extremely proud of my friend.  She showed her inner strength and determination.  I am honored and humbled to be the person she asked to run with her and support her.  It felt like paying it forward to every person who encouraged me and helped me reach my goal.  Individually we are amazing, but together we are unstoppable. 

     We finished the 5k side by side.  Carol Sue was met at the finish line by her family, cheering her on and ringing a cow bell.  I was incredibly happy for my friend.  To have been there to support her, push her, and remind her that she is a bad ass was the greatest gift my soul could ask for.  It is my mission to help women empower themselves and enrich their lives.  We ran, never stopping, and no one asked us how much we weighed or what size we wear. In life, what matters is the love and support we give each other and the knowledge that we are greater than a number!

    This run was called The Recycled 5k. Instead of new printed t-shirts and medals, they used left overs from pervious races. I loved this idea! Nothing goes to waste. When we crossed the finish line everyone was handed a medal. All of them different. I was handed the Labor of Love medal.  Symbolic. Thank you universe for the opportunity to encourage a friend to be her best.  Thank you for the lessons in my life that have made me who I am today; a person who inspires others to tap into their inner bad ass.

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  1. Great job and you are a real friend! :) So inspiring!