Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trust Me I Am A Brunette

     The influx of brunette women selling everything from car insurance to hair dye to burgers shows an extreme lack of diversity in the media.  My eyes hurt from their excessive rolling when another thin, perky, non-sexualized, white brunette woman comes on to sell me the latest product. In the fight for size diversity, the fight for hair color diversity got lost in the wake.

     This might be why the fight for size diversity in the media has been such a struggle. The media still believes brunettes are approachable and honest while blondes are only capable of being sexy. Never mind attempting to step away from the 'one body fits all' actor. I had thought society grew past the bias it has about hair color, apparently not.  There will be no change when we are still stuck on a basic idea that everyone trusts a brunette woman, blondes only sell sex, and what's a red head. 

    Enough Corporate America, we see your brunette non-sexualized woman, and although we have nothing against her, we are also over her. Let's shake it up a bit, shall we? Throw a blonde into your commercials and please leave off the cliché glasses and the hood of a car. Red hair, black hair, gray hair...are all great options to pick from and I bet if someone looked a little harder at the casting head shots you would find some great ladies to push your products happily. 

     Do not misunderstand me; I do not wish Flow to be fired or any of the other women that currently acts in the commercial. I would, however, like to see future commercials break out of the hair color mold. Yes, this means draping a brunette on the hood of a car and having a blonde sell me a phone.  We have to break the stereotype, once and for all, about hair color. Then we will tackle the sexualizing of women to sell products and the lack of size diversity. Today we start with Diversity 101.

    In the era of social media, we have a gift of making our voices heard. No longer do we have to sit back and just take what companies shove at us. We can take a stand and bring about change. How do we bring about hair color diversity? (Still can't believe this is an actual issue...) We SAY something! We light up Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Instagram photos with comments about the simple change of hair color diversity. Together we will bring this change into the media spotlight.  

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