Thursday, October 22, 2015

Simply Extraordinary Photo Project: Model Call

Seen Through My Eyes: A Body Positive Photography Project

     Beauty is not based on size, shape, measurements, or specific facial structures. Beauty is how we see the world around us; it is how we choose to see those around us. When we see this beauty, we can begin to recognize the beauty within ourselves.Through my camera I hope to inspire moments of feeling beautiful. I hope to capture soulful smiles and heartfelt giggles. I hope to capture confidence, apprehension, strength, weakness, sexiness, modesty, poise, and unruliness. I hope to capture the beauty of the woman in front of me, in all her unique glory. 

     Simply Extraordinary Photo Project is my way of giving back to those around me. I treat each portrait as art without the use of Photoshop to change my model. Our bodies are gloriously beautiful as they are, no editing needed. Each person that embarks on this self-love moment with me is treated with care and sensitivity. Each person that opens up about an insecurity not only sets herself free in front of my camera but also passes on the gift of self-love to someone looking at the portrait.  

     I want to inspire self-love and self-acceptance.  I am looking for women to model for my project. I am looking for women that want to let go of beauty standards and embrace themselves, even if it seems impossible. I am someone who has been on the weight journey of up and down my entire life. I am someone who has recovered from eating disorders, self harm, and self hate. I understand the pain of fighting to love oneself. I want to help others overcome their own battle of self-hate. 

     What is a session with me like? I take the time to get to know you. We'll talk in whatever method works for you. Emails, phone conversations, or even sitting down face to face. I want to know what you love about yourself and what you do not like about your physical self.  What you share with me is confidential. Each photo session is tailored to each model. Each photo session is a truly customized experience just for you. Your hair, makeup, and outfit are worked out ahead of time and will need to be done by the model before arriving to the location. The session itself take about an hour. 

     After the photoshoot it takes me a few days to go through the images. I select 4-5 shots and edit them. I do NOT photoshop the model in anyway. I treat the entire image as a piece of art, this may mean I colorize it in a unique way or do nothing at all. Each model will have a piece written up about their photoshoot. Without going into personal detail I explain who the person is and what "issue" they were working on in the session. For example, I had one model who never took a full body picture of herself. She always hide behind her kids or wasn't in the picture at all. No personal details given but a clear understanding of what she wanted to be freed from. I allow every model to review her article before I post it publicly, I will make the necessary adjustments to ensure comfort levels are met. 

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       If you are interested in details and being a model please email me at I should also mention this is free. I do not charge to photograph anyone for this project.      

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