Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cannot Pick It Up. Must Laugh.

       It is the day after my first Body Pump class and I hurt. Every muscle in my body is VERY aware of itself.  I didn't sleep very well because every time I would move the pain would wake me up. Am I discouraged? No. I knew I was going to be in for some pain and I am tough enough to handle it. What I was not prepared for was a moment in the grocery store today. 

     I am moving very slow today. I have kept my body moving though, still getting in my cardio, just not doing it as fast. I went about my day, holding back grunts of pain from getting in and out of my car or when my legs would almost buckle because my thigh muscles are shot.  I just keep telling myself to just move slow and steady. 

     I was in the grocery store juggling several items in my arms (I did not get a cart for just the few items I needed) when the universe saw an opportunity to remind me to smile.  I was balancing my stuff when the top item fell. Ok, no biggie, I'll just bend down and pick it up. WRONG! Nope. Notta. I could not squat down to pick it up with my leg muscles being so sore. I tried a few different maneuvers to pick up my item. No luck. I stood there in the aisle feeling defeated.  

     I shop at this store regularly and have for years so the employees know me. Thank goodness they do! I had one of the managers come over and ask if I was ok.  "You seem frustrated, can I help you?" I had to laugh. I pointed to the package on the floor by my feet and told him I could not pick it up. He gave me a funny look so I continued to explain I took Body Pump yesterday and have lost most of my motor skills.  He bust out laughing and then immediately apologized.  He looked so sorry for laughing at me that I had to laugh too. Here I am standing in the grocery store aisle unable to pick up the item I had dropped because I kicked my own butt in a weight class.  He picked up my item and wished me luck in my next class.  

     It is moments like this that remind me to never take life too seriously. Sometimes things are just funny (and painful). 

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