Monday, January 13, 2014

My Second Chance

     At one point in my life, I did not think I was worthy of much. I believed that I should be thankful for what I had because, after all, who could love me? I gained 65 pounds in the 6 months leading up to my first wedding. I almost needed a new dress but was able to have it let it out and add a panel. I look back and can see what a huge sign that weight gain was; I was not happy. I walked down the aisle anyway because having a husband somehow validated me. 
     My weight gain continued and I found myself at 300 pounds within the first year of my marriage. I found myself unable to live the life I wanted and I felt trapped. One day, after wiping tears from my eyes, something inside me snapped and I changed my life. I walked into Weight Watchers and never looked back. I fought for my second chance. I shed my weight and discovered a woman who had outgrown her current circumstances and deserved a second chance. 
     During my weight loss, I was prepared for the physical change but I was not prepared for the mental change. The true change was in how I felt about myself. I discovered love, passion, joy, and self worth.  Some of the choices I was faced with after my weight loss were not easy. After immense soul searching, I chose to start over and honor the woman I had fought to become. 
     My ex-husband and I parted with a mutual understanding and forgiveness. We each went our own ways with the encouragement from each other that happiness was worth the pain of divorce. I did find my happiness. The new me got my second chance at love. When I was not looking, I fell in love with my best friend. We have been together for 5 years and married for over 2 years now.  Weight loss changes so much more than the body. For me, it changed who I was and what I thought I deserved. I am thankful for the day I broke - the day that made me change my life and never look back.  I found self worth and truly fell in love. 
     Here's to second chances! 


  1. beautiful writing and great pictures--you GLOW in wedding 2 pic. the happiness SHINES out from you!

  2. Alyson I love yah you inspire me so much.

    Stephanie sprague

  3. The decision of ending a marriage can be difficult, and often stressful. But for you and your former partner, you found peace and forgiveness in it. This certainly helped you to move on faster than you've expected. As for second chances, I think you really deserve it. Take care!

    Audrey Butler @ A. GoodBlatt

  4. I agree. Every person deserves to have a second chance. However, one should not waste those chances that were given to them. People fall, hurt, and get wounded. At the very least, those painful experiences are what can make them stronger. They teach lessons that can be used to avoid making the same mistakes again.

    Sammy Jackson @ Ken Phillips Law